Taj Sunrise

Once wasn't enough, so we returned the next morning to the Taj. A little less crowded and our guide gave us an hour to walk around the Taj by ourselves. It was a special morning. We went back to the Doubletree for breakfast and then continued to the abandoned city of Fathepur Sikri. While interesting, we were getting tired of learning about Indian history all it's grandeur when one Emperor had to outdo his predecessor. We stayed the night nearby so the next morning (Friday, March 3) we could go early to the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary where we spent 3-hours birding by bike rickshaw - quite an experience (more later). Then we drove 4 hours back to Delhi where we are preparing to fly south for an hour and eventually visit both Bandhavgarh NP and Kanha NP, three days each. Hopefully we get a glimpse of a tiger.

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