The "Big Four"

On Saturday, March 25, we were awakened at 5:30 AM and went for coffee and a biscuit before our second game drive. There were fighting leopards in the Camp last night so our challenge was to find them. For a couple of hours we tracked a big male (the guide and tracker can not only determine species tracks, but also sex and age). At one point the guide and tracker went out of foot to find the leopard. Finally another vehicle found the kill, a young impala, deep in some high grass. We waited, but the male leopard never returned to this kill. It was then time for our fantastic bush brunch - Jerry cooked eggs, bacon and much more on propane stoves under a large tree overlooking the river. After breakfast the radio informed us that a female leopard was in a nearby sausage tree Unbelievable, she was easy to find. Great photos of her in a tree. Then we went up the road to turn around and Jerry spotted her kill in another tree. Looking behind the vehicle, we saw that she had followed us and then she climbed the tree in to enjoy her kill. We have now seen four of the big five in less that 24 hours in Sabi Sands.

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