Wildlife Wow!

Kirkman's Camp now has WiFi in the lounge area, something we did not expect. On Friday, March 24 at 4 PM we started our first game drive here in Sabi Sands. Our driver, Josh, had gone out at lunch time to try to find a lion pride that was rumored to be near the boundary of this lodge's concession. He found them and thought it might be wise to look for them now since there recently were changes in the local lion population and lion have not always been spotted. Driving there, with the help of our wonderful tracker, Jerry (who sits in a seat on the hood of the Landrover), we saw most of the common African wildlife and a large lone male white rhino. The lions were sleepig right where Josh had seen them earlier. There were three large females and four 8-months old cubs. Occasionally they raised the heads or do some mutual grooming. After this wonderful afternoon of wildlife viewing, we stopped for sundowners before returning to Kirkman's.

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