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Arrived at home around 10:30 AM having left Joburg a little late Sunday evening. The flight to Washington, DC stops at Accra, Ghana, for one hour for fueling. Passengers going through to DC can't get off the plane, but many left in Accra and were replaced by other going from Accra to DC. Total time from Joburg to DC was about 19 hours. The plane was late arriving as the pilot announced that there was a substantial headwind. We had a great experience at the Washington, IAD airport. Yes, I said we had a great experience at the airport. Since our plane was late, we only had about 45 minutes to catch our connecting flight to Cleveland. We (flying with Dave and Hope Koncal) all felt it would be impossible. However, it took only around a half an hour to go through passport control. pick up luggage, transfer luggage, go through customs and get to Gate D2. We made it with one minute to spare! Not only that, our luggage arrived in Cleveland with us. It certainly was an adventure of a lifetime. Hope you all enjoyed our blog.

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