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Saving Wildlife and Wild Places


Saving Wildlife and Wild Places

  • Zoo and Aquarium Consulting on strategic planning, collection planning and exhibit design, etc.
  • Safari Leader - Leading ecotourism program to the best locations worldwide - especially Africa.
  • Presentations on zoos and aquariums, travel locations and conservation. 

My Personal Mission


I will utilize all my abilities, including passion, commitment, tenacity, persistence and a sense of humor to work towards saving wildlife and wild places, creating a world with a greater love and appreciation for them.

I will do this within a life where I am at peace with myself because I remain an admirable husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Your Next Safari is Your Best Safari


  • New Orleans Zoo - consulted on facilities and program for caring for Asian elephants. 

  • Greater Cleveland Aquarium - consulted on the potential for AZA  accreditation.  

  • AZA - Contiinue to lead AZA accreditation teams. Have done over 40 in my career.

  • Buffalo Zoo - with Schultz and Williams worked on Strategic Plan for the Buffalo Zoo.

  • Niabi Zoo - with Schultz and Williams worked on Strategic Plan.

  • As a Board Member worked on Strategic Plan for Akron Zoo

  • Worked with Racine Zoo on strategic planning.


“Steve dealt well with the limitations of a public ageny and with his dedication, passion and enthusiasm, inspired everyone from the Board of Park Commissioners to staff, the Zoo Society and volunteers to support and effect his vision for Cleveland Metroparks Zoo."

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