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See below for sample programs.  Most are power point presentations.

Presentations - Zoos
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - History, the Zoo Today and its Role in Wildlife Conservation - (30-minute talk and no equipment necessary).

  • History of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo - Stories of the Zoo from 1882 until present.

  • Adventures of a Zoo Director - Stories from 40 years working in four different zoos.

  • America's Zoo and Aquariums - I have visited 230 of the 241 AZA accreditied zoos and aquariums

Presentations - Africa


  • Tanzanian Adventure -  A story of the best of Tanzania and its wildlife from my ten different safaris to this zoologically diverse country.

  • Gorilla Trek - A story of the quest to get up close to the mountain gorilla in both Uganda and Rwanda.

  • Adventures in Africa - Stories from leading safaris for over 35-years to the best of wildlife areas in both East African and Southern Africa.

  • Safari to Zambia - An adventure in Zambia viewing wildlife and the famous Victoria Falls.

  • Tsavor Tsavo - Story of a 120-mile walk across two of Africa's most unique National Parks - Tsavo East and Tsavo West in Kenya.

  • Adventures of a Safari Leader.  Stories from leading 30 Afrrican safaries to eight differeent countries.

Presentations - Others


  • Madagascar Matters - A visit to this fascinating island country with its unique wildlife, most of which are found nowhere else on earth.

  • The Brazilian Pantanal - the World's largest Wetland - Only an overnight flight away, the Pantanal is home of the jaguar, giant anteater, hyacinthine macaw, giant otter, jabiru stork and thousands of caiman.

  • Saving Elephants - What we need to do to save endangered Afrcain and Asian elephants.  Includes the action of the zoos of the world in their fight to save these magnificant animals.

  • Around the World in 80-days - Actually 83 days.  Stories from my wife's and my trip Around the World in 2017, visiting ten different countries from New Zealand to Southern Africa.

Call me and let's talk. My book, Adventures of a Zoo Director, available on Amazon now.

If possilbe and appropriate, I would ask that a donation be made to the Steve H. Taylor Conservation Fund at the Cleveland Zoological Society which provides funds for African conservationists to come to America for additional training and to promote their respective programs.

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