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Coming Home at Last

Tomorrow evening we should be in the air on the way to DC and then Cleveland after 83 days of traveling around the world. After our last flight, we will have made a total of 25 different flights. We have visited ten different counties (New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia including the island of Borneo, Singapore, India, Seychelles, South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland). We have seen about 400 species of birds, our favorite still is the rhinoceros hornbill in Borneo. We have seen 74 species of mammals and many were very special. We have stayed in 37 different hotels, lodges, camps and even a sheep farm. We visited five zoos, 2 aquariums and one dolphin facility. We have over 3000 digital photos, which we hope will be edited down during our flight home. And we brought 60 Cipro tablets with us, and used none!

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